Casino Bonuses Glossary

Jakob Montrasio

The same as most entertainment activities, gambling has its own unique set of terms and definitions which are necessary to keep in mind before starting to play for real money or especially accepting the bonuses. Below you will find a casino bonuses glossary, completed in brief description.

As known, any online casino bonuses may take various forms which can appear simply confusing among the new online casino players as each of them may take different mechanics with variety of wagering terms and conditions followed.

That’s why it’s highly recommended for the new players to learn the differences and peculiarities of each possible form of bonuses any casino may offer for the major games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat etc. Thus, most of casinos have the same package of bonuses any newbie gamble has to understand and keep to. For that purpose we’ve created a brief list describing the most used casino bonuses common for most of the gambling websites. So enjoy your gambling experience responsibly with these terms in mind.

Sign up bonus. This bonus is usually called a welcome one and is offered to the first time players. The amount of this kind of bonus depends in direct ratio on the volume of the first deposit.

No deposit bonus. This one offers a risk free gambling venture as this bonus may only be receive by the players whose history of deposits has the required sum used. This means that to get this kind of bonus, you may have made a certain amount of deposits in a course of your gambling experience in this particular casino.

Game Weightings

Some of the bonuses may contain game weightings. Its amount depends on the kind of games you play. This may alter the amount you have to stake in total to convert a bonus into cash that may be withdrawn.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements means the entire amount that you are required to stake on the chosen games to cash out a bonus. Winnings or losses are not considered here.

Make sure you check each promotion terms and conditions carefully before trying to withdraw your bonuses.

And of course you may remember that each bonus has its expiration period usually mentioned in the promotion, so please make sure you’re matching it carefully as well.