Betting Systems

Several betting systems are there for playing roulette. But many of them have similarities to each other. All of these systems have a common feature; they are not changing the house edge of the game. There are also many books that describe different betting systems, so it is worth reading such guides to get the total comprehension of the strategies. Any of the betting system is not reducing the winning chances and because of this, you can use any of these systems. If you are thinking that these systems make you a winner of roulette game, then that also is not going to work. But you may remember appeal to Joseph Jagger who placed his bets on the numbers which were appeared regularly and became richer by $400,000. So, it is better to apply some betting systems to be on the safe side.

D'Alembert System

According to this system, a player has a low chance of winning after a win. So you have to reduce a chip from the bet after every win. The system also believes that the player has a low chance of losing a bet after a losing the previous spin. So in this case, you have to place a bet by adding a chip. The major mistake in this system is that the rotating wheel cannot memorize each spin and every spin is different from each other with equal chance to lose or win the bet.

Martingale System

Martingale system is a common system of roulette that has several variations also. In this system in case you lose, you will increase the following bet. In case you win by doubling the amount of you bet, then you will get back all the money you lose to the previous bet along with some additional money. If two bets are lost consecutively, then doubling the bet again for the third time will bring you one unit.

This system is great for those players with unlimited bankroll and betting limits. But most of the roulette players do not want to take a risk on that. For instance, if you have a table minimum of $5 and maximum of $500, then you have to place the bets in Martingale progression such as $5, $10, $20, $40, $80, $160 and so on. But if you cannot bet $640, then you will be facing a great loss which cannot be recovered by you. May you are wondering how can you get 7 consecutive spins of lose. It may happen to you at least once in 90 spins. You cannot afford a big loss as you will be profiting only by a winning bet.

Cancellation System

According to this system, you have to write down the numbers after each spin. The sum of the numbers written down should be the aim of next session. For example, if you are getting 2, 2, 2 in a session, then the sum of those numbers will be 6. At a table minimum of $5, you will get $30 for that session. In each session, you have to calculate the total of the numbers at each end. (Here you take 2+2 or 2). You have to strike of the number at each end and place a bet with the sum of two left over numbers. In the case of lose also you have to do the same procedure.

As a gambler it is fun to use these systems for playing the game of roulette but always remember that these systems do not change the odds and payouts.