Joseph Jagger

Joseph Jagger was indeed a very famous name during 19th century. Joseph was well known for his game in roulette for which he was very passionate and loved to play it on regular basis. He was also famous with a title which was very similar to the one owned by Charles Wells in the game of roulette – the man who broke the bank. Joseph Jagger is actually famous for taking the optimum benefits of the old style roulette wheels. He researched well on this type of wheel and earned lot of money. Earlier, these wheels were manually made and there were chance of such errors that anyone could guess the winning number and increase his winning odds.

Starting Phase

J. Jagger was actually a mechanic. This engineer was born in the year 1830 in a village called Shelf. In the year 1873, he started taking interest in the game of roulette and began to associate engineering with the game of wheel and ball - roulette. There are always some chances of error in any machine which J. Jagger was very sure about. He took the advantage of his knowledge and began his research on finding an error in the roulette wheel so that he may get a sure shot winning number.

Along with six other people, he tried to find out the basics and the error chances in a roulette wheel. They all worked on different roulette wheels at different casinos at Monte Carlo for their research.

Roulette Wheel - Easy To Detect the Winning Number

On the basis of thorough research, J. Jagger found that 5 out of the 6 roulette wheels were found unbiased or you can say that those were showing unpredictable results. But the 6th roulette wheel was easy to predict the winning number. There were some specific numbers which were touched by the ball very frequently.

Jagger took the advantage of this error of the roulette wheel and put his bet on the number 7 for the first time. His prediction was right and he won an amount of $300000 in the first 4 days of his game on roulette wheel.

Problem for Casino People

With so many victories and after winning such huge amounts for more than 1 time, J. Jagger was extremely happy. But this all had made the casino people worried. They finally jumbled the roulette wheels so that J. Jagger may not get the same roulette wheel again and may play with his luck rather than applying the obvious prediction. When Jagger came back to the casino next time, he found the trick played by the casino people, but he finally succeeded in finding his marked roulette wheel. He again played on the same wheel and won huge money.

Even the casino people were rigid and they tried to change the wheel several times but every time they changed it, Jagger found it and won good money. After playing and winning for so many times he got famous and finally he left gambling. At last, he started a real estate business with that money.

Joseph Jagger was one of the most famous roulette players who has cheated the casino for several times with his research and intelligence.