Payouts of Roulette Game

After the introduction of the roulette in France since 17th century, the game has been one among the popular casino games. Most people are interested in what is roulette game and how to play it. The rules of roulette are easy when compared to poker and you don't need any skill or knowledge to enjoy the game. You can play it really any moment you want, as it is available literally at any gambling house. Even though the game is straightforward, most of the beginners are confused with payouts of different roulette bets. You can acquire more knowledge on the payouts of roulette by reading this article.

Layout and Wheel of Roulette

A small ball is put inside the bowl and spun around. Bottom of the bowl consists of 37 pockets and these are numbered pocket with 1-36 along with a 0. Such type of roulette is known as the French or European roulette. You can see 38 numbers in American roulette with an extra 00 on the bowl. The main objective of the game is to guess in which number or color the ball is going to land.

As the numbers cannot be arranged in a mathematical way on the wheel, the '00' and '0' in American roulette wheel are placed opposite to each other and there are 18 numbers in between these zeros. In addition to this, the two successive numbers of same color should be equal to 37. Odd and even numbers should alternate with each other. But in case of European roulette, the numbering sequence is entirely different from the American.

Roulette Table System

The table of roulette has a heavy layout with a diagram printed on it about the betting systems. In American version, outside and inside betting areas and the 00 and 0 is printed with 2 or 3 different colors. You can see numbered pockets of inside area are with individual figure.

High or low numbers are labeled on the betting boxes of outside area which are also known as the first eighteen and the last eighteen, even or odd numbers, red or black, column bet and also the first 12, second 12 and third 12.

Even or 1:1 money bets

In this bet, you can win $10 as a profit when you place bet of $10. In this way, you can double the money. This type of bet consists of odd vs. even numbers, first eighteen, second eighteen and black or red.

Outside bets or 2:1 bets

You can double your win by placing a bet of $10 on first dozen, second dozen and third dozen. These bets also have column bets in which you can place the chip underneath the 3 columns such as first column, second column and third column.

Other Types of Payouts in Roulette

0 and 0035:1
Straight up35:1
Street any three numbers11:1
Five numbers bet6:1
Six numbers and six lines -
From two rows horizontally