Frequently Asked Questions

Our site provides you with the most frequently asked questions that often arise when gamblers face roulette game. So, we decided to list the crucial FAQ that will help roulette players to get clear understanding of the game and maximize their winning odds.

FAQ No: 1

When only one color is coming for so many times, do I have to place the bet against it or going with same color?


The odds of your bet never change even though you change the color or not. The spinning of the roulette wheel is always different from the previous ones. The patterns of the bets do not have any effect on the chances of winning the bets. The probability of getting a black or red while spinning the wheel is always the same. But it is difficult to believe this theory as you might have experienced the frequency of black or red on the wheel. Theoretically, it is not possible but you can expect that also. Frequency of black or red is similar to the frequency of alternating appearance of the colors.

FAQ No: 2

Can you point out the difference between combination betting systems and bets placed on the same individual number?


It is always better to split your bet on the numbers. Suppose, you are placing a bet of $4 split bet which consist of four numbers, then you may get $1 each on all the four numbers. Small multiple roulette bets are also possible by splitting your bets.

FAQ No: 3

Is it possible to defeat the house by placing a minimum bet on the even-money, then after each loss doubling and return to the low level while winning?


This system is known as the Martingale system of betting which offers you with a great chance getting small winning but also works against that by providing you with a slight chance of winning and thereby lose a huge amount of money. The major drawback of this system lies in the upper table limit. If you double your bet every time even though you are losing the bets and you are facing some small losses, then you will reach upper table limit so that you cannot recover the loses. When the gambler is not lucky enough, then these small loses will bigger than the potential winnings.

FAQ No: 4

Cite the major differences among outside bets and inside bets?

Outside bets are seen outside the grid with numbers.

1. Outside bets contain two kinds of wagering such as 2:1 and even-money.

2. Table minimum and every outside bet should be equal.

3. You can place separate bets.

Inside bets can be seen inside the grid with numbers.

1. At a certain table, each inside bet should be added to table minimum.

2. Inside bets of all the players are arranged one above the other. This is because, for each bet you can find one spot only on inside layout.

These questions and answers sessions will help you a lot in playing the game of roulette by providing more knowledge on the game and turn you into a constant winning roulette player.