Richard Marcus

You will hardly find a player who knows nothing about Richard Marcus. He was so good in gambling and making predictions that he started betting systems process in a very small age over the color of cars or baseball matches.

The Journey to Vegas

Richard Marcus moved to Vegas to try his luck in the well-known gambling games. He won some money by betting on the racetrack and managed to go to Vegas with it. This was in the year 1976 and he was not too old to go all alone, but he was determined to do that. He was a specialist in Baccarat and won about $100000 in a few days after arriving to Vegas. But, in few days he lost all his money and he had to leave his luxurious room and had to stay on street without any roof. Even after so many struggles, he was determined to get success and stared with a new beginning. He found a job and took some rest from gambling.

Since Marcus was a master in the game of Baccarat, he knew nothing else but betting and gambling. He took a job at a dealer school so that he may not only earn his living but may improve his skills and earn some good money by using it. He finally got a job at a dealer school which was working on blackjack and baccarat. There he learned few things which were very beneficial and helped him in improving his game.

Marcus's Mentor

Marcus found a mentor who was Joe Classon. This was in the year 1977 when he found Classon as his best friend as well as person who helps him with gambling. There were some very good roulette scams which Classon told Marcus. They both played as a team and won huge amount of $20,000. With this, Marcus determined to learn the tricks from Classon and joined his group. There he learned the cheat trick name 'past posting'.

He then learned various other tricks and strategies which are needed for winning any bet. In some of the cheats, it was his duty to change the cards so that his group may win. This was done by distracting the attention of the other gambler. Marcus became an expert in this trick very soon and he along with his team worked together and cheated many people. Since this was a very easy trick, he enjoyed doing it.

Perfection through Practice

Marcus became very good in scamming and soon he gained popularity. He was well known for tricking with money. In the early days, there were hardly any casinos with security cameras, but with the need of time and due to such scamming; most of the casinos installed hi tech video cameras which could catch any such tricks. But he succeeded in tricking those cameras as well and developed some new tricks like 'Savannah', which later became very famous.

Life after Leaving Gambling

Marcus started writing books after leaving gambling. He is a specialist in gambling and so he wrote various books on American Roulette which became very popular.

Richard Marcus is one of the gamblers who cheated the casinos for winning huge amount of money even though the casinos tricked him.