Cryptologic Rapid Fire Progressive Jackpots

Rapid Fire is practically a new sub-category of slot games provided by the main online casino software called Cryptologic. There are ten video slots included in this category, and they all present different themes. The progressive jackpot would be the common characteristics of all these games, which can be increased at every spin. You will not make a progressive jackpot by aligning some type of symbols on a payline. However, this jackpot can be encountered randomly after each spin, thus the name Rapid Fire. A player can encounter this jackpot numerous times on a daily basis. It will be reset automatically at 500 credits. Players that select this game can`t win more than a few thousands credits due to the fact that the winnings occur constantly. Learn here

There are other important characteristics and spectacular themes involved in these Cryptologic video casino games, apart from the Rapid Fire progressive jackpot. Due to the fact that it contains a theme full of risks, Hot Summer Nights is considered one of the main Rapid Fire slots. The wild symbol is represented by a Stripper since the theme presents a sleazy night club. The wild symbol will appear in the bonus round. The player will have to eliminate an item of clothing with the dollar bills that they receive. From this action, the players may obtain 500 times the amount of the initial bet. Sirens is also a very important Rapid Fire slot game. The Greek mythology has been used to create the theme of this game. It will be really great the hit three sirens and block Odysseus from returning from Troy. Odysseus represents the wild symbol. You will obtain 15 spins with doubled payouts in case you hit three sirens simultaneously on reels 3, 4 and 5. Players that want to experience the feeling of living in the old age India can select the Rajah`s Rubies Rapid Fire slot game.