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Our site is developed to provide you with the necessary portion of information on roulette basics (roulette rules and bets, table layout and wheel), peculiarities of playing roulette online and how to win at roulette. You will also be able to find fundamental materials on winning roulette methods (useful tips and hints) that you can use while playing roulette in casinos (online and offline) and what sort of criteria to apply while choosing casinos to play roulette online. Following these simple recommendations you will be able to make your gambling responsible, and get a total understanding on how to play this game with the best winning chances.

Furthermore, you will be able to get acquainted with the information about the most prominent roulette cheaters who have managed to win extremely huge amounts of money. We also give you the chance to find the guidance on the best roulette books that depicts the main technics which are aimed to increase players` winning odds. In addition you can also learn more about roulette strategy and how to use this to your advantage in both online and land based casino venues. When you will be ready to play roulette for money, just check out some of the Online Roulette Casinos from the list, there is an awesome roulette games which will attract your attention.

The main criterion is the reliability of the gaming site. Therefore, all casinos in the TOP for example - have the necessary licenses.

For the online casino players it is always great to have a couple of places where they can go any time they want and play a couple of games. For roulette admirers those places, of course, should have a perfect choice of roulette tables and possibility of options to play this game. A good decision will be to download from software for playing roulette, although some of the games can also be played in a flash mode. It is up to you to decide which of them to choose, all are just perfect!

Everything that you need during your gambling at online roulette you are to find at Roulette Lounge. Being created by professional players, this site cover all the information that a player might need to win the game. Besides, here you will also find advices on how to play at online casino, the newest way to enjoy roulette.

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Roulette Wheel

Roulette wheel is a difficult mechanism balanced in the way to give out the random and fair results. There are two types of wheels - American and European roulette wheels.

Roulette Layout

Roulette layout is in fact a roulette table area for betting. It has two parts for different types of bets - outside and inside. Roulette table is easy to read and understand.

Plunge into the World of Roulette Online

In fact, playing roulette online, you basically do not have to do a lot in order to get experience with this amusing game and earn lots of money. Playing roulette online, you avoid all the stuff connected with casino going preparation (dressing up, buying tickets to the casino you want to go to) and, actually, the process of getting to your destination. You just do not waste your time, which you can spend gambling online. These are the most obvious advantages that each of the game has, but there are also some which only roulette has.

For example, online roulette offers player biggest choice of games to play. As you probably know, there are several popular roulette variants that are presented at most of the casinos, but there are also some (for example, Ra Roulette) which traditional gambling houses prefer not to place at their halls. Another such game is No zero roulette which has no green pockets at the roulette wheel and layout which bring additional advantage to the casino. This roulette variant is loved by many players, as here you have more chances to win than even in European roulette game.

Online casinos frequently provide players with different bonuses and promotions that help them play more game with the same amount of money. As a rule, roulette bonuses come in form of free spins. That is good for all the players, as you can win money without depositing additional cash.

The most liked things about playing roulette online are the payoffs of the game that online casinos offer you. They are usually higher than in any other online casino. Being involved in playing online games, you need to remember that your winnings do depend on the bets type you use. So, in order to maximize your odds in playing roulette online, you have to familiarize yourself with wagering options and their proper usage in roulette game.

Before plunging into the exciting online roulette culture, you need to read the informative material (that is available on our site) that concerns the main peculiarities of roulette game. Moreover, make sure that you have checked the information about the casinos in which you are going to gamble roulette online. It is extremely important to play only at reliable gambling houses which have the legal support and offer good gambling services. For a gambling beginner it may be a little bit complicated to choose the place to play that is why here we provide information on the best casinos only. All you need to do is to click at one of the names of gambling houses and start the game.

Are you still waiting whether to play online or not? No waiting should be if you want to get the chance to gain a great deal of enjoyment generated by the roulette online game and opportunity to win big! Get prepared to the best gambling in your life with Roulette Lounge - your guideline to roulette and online casinos. Do not forget to send us your feedback with a contact us form. We’re always looking forward to hear back from our visitors!