Roulette Scams

There are many people who want to win at roulette on Internet and offline. It is quite obvious as there are so many casino treats that it is hard to resist. That is why some folks suppose that they are invincible and start applying various "strategies." It is much fun and danger. It is also really not wise, as these strategies are a bit illegal. We can't say that they are completely illegal but just a bit. But hold on, they cannot be a bit illegal. Oh, we forgot that there is no grading in lawlessness. It can be either legal or not. So, "strategies" are out of law.

We are talking about the ones, which are called cheating methods or scams. Definitely, in roulette it is easier to apply such cheating methods instead of just crossing fingers for luck. Everything would be ok with this method if there was no "but." The "but" says that you will be caught and kicked out of the casino.

Joseph Jagger

It was one of the most famous men who totally took advantage of the casino. He was a smart man and found out the way how he could legally beat the house. He was an engineer and he figured out that not all the casino wheels are in perfect balance, there are some, which require attention. Those wheels are biased. It is not because someone made them that way.

It happens if the wheel is played and it simply wears down. So, if you find such a wheel, it won't be cheating to use it. Well, Jagger was not a fool and he found the ways how to do everything. He hired six clerks whose task was to write down the results of each roulette spin. They did this for a while and then Jagger studied the results and found that some results were repeated. It meant only one thing - the wheel was imbalanced. And he started playing at that table.

Richard Marcus

He was one of the well-known cheaters. He was suspected but never sued. Together with his team he made many millions. And Richard Marcus told about their scams only when he decided to "retire." That was clear, why he wanted to do so. And now he makes many zeroes on selling his books and holding trainings. At first he was a member of the Joe Classon team, which was also involved in cheating and then he created his own. He is the top-grade cheater, who now simply laughs at the casino security.