What is Roulette

What is roulette? It is probably not a big secret that roulette is one of the oldest and most popular casino games. This gambling entertainment implies a roulette wheel which is divided into 37 or 38 small pockets depending on the type of roulette table. A certain number is written on each pocket which has also a particular color.

The Objective of Roulette Games

As well as every casino game, roulette is played in order to gain some money and - what is more important - to entertain yourself. Roulette is a game of pure chance that makes it even more exciting and attractive for players. However, on our site you have a possibility to get familiar with several tips and hints which may come in handy while playing roulette at online or land-based casinos. Though your luck is the determining factor of winning, there are some gambling strategies that may be very useful for you with increasing your winning odds.

An objective of the game is very simple: all roulette players involved in the action try to predict the ultimate result of the process. To make everything clear we should mention that gamblers make their bets on particular numbers, colors of pockets, even or odd numbers till the time a casino dealer makes an announcement that all bets are done. Then a casino employee throws a ball and spins a roulette wheel. The top excitement creeps over the players when they attentively watch where the ball is going to land. When the result of the game is clear, a dealer names the winners. In order to become a confident player, you are also recommended to read questions&answers section that are included in the menu of different roulette sites.

A Bit of History

The greater part of roulette experts consider the roulette wheel to be appeared as a machine of slow motion in 1655. It was invented by the famous Blaise Pascal who discovered the nature of probability.

The next stage of roulette development was introduced by the intrusion of two well-known brothers - Luis and Francois Blanc. The lasts made several significant changes to the initial roulette wheel and introduced a new incredibly exciting game at the casinos of Monte Carlo.

In 1800s this entertainment was brought to USA where it was slightly modified according to the US public's desires. That is how the American roulette was invented. It gained an incredible popularity amongst people. Actually today taking into consideration all existing roulette variations all of them are in demand in many countries. Thus, every roulette player has a great possibility to choose an appropriate variation of roulette. In general roulette game has turned into a real roulette culture.